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Building your vocabulary in any language enables you better to express yourself through the medium of that language. Learning how to develop your vocabulary can be both a profitable and pleasurable investment of your time and effort. The great news is that just as little as 15 minutes per day of focus study regularly can rapidly enhance your vocabulary. This article is ideal for those searching for an answer to how to improve your vocabulary. Acquiring a good vocabulary can be advantageous for you in various social settings, like work and school. Here are some effective ways you can use to gain some new words and speak English fluently. 

Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary in English

To a non-native speaker of English, the language may feel and sound confusing. It's because it's full of homonyms, homophones, and other such words that may seem quite confusing. But there are some proven ways by which you can learn How To Improve Your English vocabulary in a very short period. Find them below.


Reading is hands-down the best way to enrich your English vocabulary. You don't have to worry about competing with anyone when you read. Take as much time as you want in understanding the text and find the meanings of various unfamiliar words that you come across. You can enhance your vocabulary by reading the following.

  • Comic and children's books – They come in the category of popular literature. The great thing about such illustrated books is that you get plenty of graphical clues that allow you to identify the meaning of new words. Not only that, when you read popular literature, you can also get a translation in your own language of what is written in it. 
  • Blog posts – There are a huge number of blog posts on a wide variety of topics for everyone to read and enjoy. When you go through blogs that talk about habits or activities that you love, you also get acquainted with a lot of new words in the English language. The engaging posts retain your interest in reading, and you automatically find yourself trying t comprehend the meaning of various new words. Those searching for How To improve Your Vocabulary in English should definitely read as many blog posts as they can on the web.


Everyone starts learning new words by listening to them from the mouth of a person. When you listen to dialogues, you get exposed to new phrases and words. You can indeed expand your vocabulary by listening to varied things like:

  • Songs – Listening to songs or music is an enjoyable way of getting to know different words. When you hear English music, you also get a chance to become acquainted with the culture of countries that speak English. Thus, you learn the words in their context. Those who find reading boring can listen to music to improve their vocabulary. Just make sure to find music in genres that you love and listen along. 
  • Events – Attending or being a part of events in English, like sports matches, plays, and exhibitions will expose you to new words in that language. Apart from improving your vocabulary, you'll also get exposed to the grammatical structure of a sentence. So, if you are wondering how to improve your grammar and vocabulary in English, then attend as many English-speaking events as you can. 


Today, we live in a digital age. Writing has become imperative to learning and employing a new language. With the advent of so many applications, you can easily enhance your writing skills. 

  • Keep a journal – Keep a journal and write about your day in it in English. It may sound easy, but you will certainly be surprised when you realize how the process compels you to find new words to describe different things. Apart from helping you develop a great writing style, journaling also allows you to expand and improve your vocabulary. When you use the new words you have read somewhere in describing your day or week, it will make you happy and confident.
  • Engage in word puzzles – Are you searching for a fun and exciting answer to how to improve your English vocabulary easily? The answer is word puzzles. Whenever you have free time, take the newspaper or a magazine and try to solve them. Crossword puzzles are challenges that trigger your brain to work hard and search for different words that you usually don't use. You will find that you are using various words that you haven't used in your writing.

Observe people 

You can build your vocabulary by learning new words in context by simply watching someone using them. Some ways by which you can enhance your vocabulary by watching include the following:


  • Watching people converse – When you watch people talking, you get to know how they are using various words. Thus, you learn how to improve your vocabulary in a foreign language by watching them being used in context.
  • TV and movies – It's similar to reading illustrated books. But here, you also understand the right pronunciation of different words. If you want to take it up a notch, then try watching English movies without subtitles. It will force you to find the meaning of the words and make sense of the sentences. 

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Summing up

Now you know how to improve your vocabulary through some effective means. Apart from implementing the techniques mentioned above, don't hesitate to converse in the English language with people, preferably native speakers. Although you will initially make some mistakes, soon, you'll grasp the sentence structure and pronunciation and express yourself perfectly. It's certainly never too late to begin learning new words and become more fluent in English. Just stay committed to your efforts, and you'll be surprised how much progress you can make. 

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